We are coming a long way in recruiting and now going new ways by using sleek agile methods from software development, delivering transparent and more economic services that will change the way you look at recruiting. This service is suitable and affordable for small businesses.

AGILE-RPO evolved from a big scrum in recruiting – caused by a growing number of purely profit-oriented recruiting agencies and consequential recruiting battles, fueled by clients that hope to get their vacancies filled at all, faster or cheaper. In many cases, the result is bad recruiting service, frustrated clients, and disappointed candidates.

There really had to be a solution. Another, smarter way of recruiting, which we found. From working with clients from the IT-sector we learned what agile project management can achieve and put all our experience in the development of Agile Recruitment Process Outsourcing.




What is AGILE-RPO?

It is a simplifies the recruiting process from engagement to placement, using core principles from software development. Agile project management and unified communication make stakeholder interaction easy, speedy, comprehensive, visual, collaborative and super responsive. The hiring team will follow a flexible path on the go, wherever they are, whilst forgetting about excess e-mails and calls. Especially hiring managers love it. Integrated analytics measure KPI and ROI.

Real Benefits – achieved from agile project #1


Recruiting Expertise – The basis for Agile

If it’s new and unique – why is experience in classic recruiting so important for AGILE-RPO?

AGILE-RPO is the wheelset to put our horsepower on the track. Based on unmatched direct identification and market intelligence skills, in-depth recruiting knowledge remains vital for agile projects.

The recruiting process changes in terms of communication channels, data handling, and management – not the process itself – which is an interpersonal exchange of information, signals, and emotion, between a number of 3 to 10 people.

Recruiting always remains a person-business, that requires excellent specialists behind the methodology in use.

Cloud-Integration for Speed and Time Savings

IT-based candidate sourcing is today’s standard. In many cases though, IT-based sourcing, tracking and data handling consumes too much time.

To pace ahead, it is vital to rapidly identify and approach candidates. The transition into the core hiring process must be seamless and reach the relevant stakeholders without interruption.

We are using a number of easy to handle cloud-based tools to engage all stakeholders and integrate ourselves into existing processes and tracking. That’s how process stakeholders have access to relevant and desired information, whenever wanted, from any location.

Automated recruiting steps, including automatic video interviews, coding tests, etc. are available if needed.

All together that makes a great difference in performance by achieving a massive reduction of e-mails flying and a significantly smaller number of phone calls. One of our hiring managers described it as ‘a relieve, like entering an air-conditioned lobby from outside in the mid-day heat’.

Cost Savings & Investment Control

Besides traditional payment installments, we allow charging per hour in combination with engagement fees for initial sourcing activities.

AGILE-RPO clients minimize their financial risk and simply pay what they get. Based on this mode of co-work, we offer reduced minimum placement fees.

Purchase video interviewing, job advertising, coding tests and other measures separately as needed, not in bulk or longterm licenses.

Moreover, AGILE-RPO clients are able to start & stop hiring in an instance, without losing money.

Get your company total flexibility for less capital investment.

Full Transparency on our Performance

Different than the vast majority of our competitors, we offer full transparency on our work. AGILE-RPO clients keep control of their investment by accessing statistics, based on time tracking, accurate to the minute.

Choose to receive recurring reports on

  • Activity by recruiter
  • Sourcing Tasks
  • Interviewing Tasks
  • Project Management Tasks
  • Projects
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Items as desired

and check your return on investment at one glance.

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Our Agile Values – that really matter

Long-Term Relations

We aim for lasting client relations.

Understand the Client

We deeply value our client’s thoughts.


Our team gets the job done in time.


We allow full control on costs and working hours.

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